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Top 5 Esports Games in the US

<p>Esports is a booming industry that truly began to take form in the early 2010s. The term “esports” stands for competitive video gaming and today there are dozens of games that are considered to be “competitive”.</p>
<p>To understand this a little better and see how serious the idea of competitive video gaming has become, we will cite several facts. First, video games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Fortnite are already part of major competitions, which traditionally feature real world sports.</p>
<p>In 2018 we saw the Asian Games host League of Legends events as a “trial discipline”, but in 2019, the games will hold esports as an oficial, medalled discpline. Dota 2, another popular game, has an annual event that dishes $25 million in cash prizes. One thing is known for a fact – <a href=””>the industry will be growing by a lot in 2019</a>!</p>
<p>With this in mind, you must certainly wonder which esports games in the United States are the most popular . Here is our list:</p>
<h2>#1- League of Legends</h2>
<p>League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that features two teams of five players (called “Summoners). The game’s objective is to defeat the opponents by destroying a key building known as the “Nexus” in the opponent’s base. Once this has been achieved, the victorious team is awarded in-game points and currency that can be spend on various cosmetic items.</p>
<h2>#2 – Dota 2</h2>
<p>Dota 2 is considered to be a much more demanding game and therefore not as popular as League of Legends. Nevertheless, a MOBA game itself, Dota 2 dishes out the largest prize pool in gaming history – around $25 million each year for the international event known as The International.</p>
<p>Dota 2 is less populous than LoL, but the game’s popularity is growing by the day.. New teams are entering various professional and amateur competitions every week and the player base is expanding.</p>
<h2>#3 – Overwatch</h2>
<p>The futuristic first-person-shooter introduced by Blizzard in 2017 is gaining momentum. This is the only game that has replicated the model of mainstream sporting organizations whereby stadiums are built in different cities and teams travel to play in-person during regular season play.</p>
<p>The game has been an absolute hit and it’s one of the defining esports titles in the industry. There are a lot of in-game achievements to unlock and mastering the game completely would require quite a bit of precision.</p>
<p>Online gaming is very popular indeed and it doesn’t stop with video games. <a href=””>Online roulette games</a> can also be quite competitive and people are constantly trying to win far better amounts than their original stakes. If you are more of a traditional gamer, then the roulette experience is probably all that you will ever need.</p>
<h2>#4 – Fortnite</h2>
<p>Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is one of the most widely recognized games today. Fortnite is unlike other shooter games and it’s in fact a “battle royale” game, which means that you are most commonly playing on your own against a field of competitors with as many as 100 players. Fortnite is part of a variety of official and third-party competitions in 2019.</p>
<h2>#5 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive</h2>
<p>Team-based shooters are quite popular in the United States. This is why it will come as no surprise that Counter Strike is one of the most popular competitive video games that you will find in the United States.</p>
<p>The game has been a main competitive discipline for nearly a decade now which puts it in the unique position to be one of the industry-defining titles. While CS:GO is currently facing intense competition and its player base has been shrinking, on a competitive level, the game remains one of the most demanding and skill-driven titles that you will ever find.</p>
<p>CS:GO is definitely worth playing and if you are looking for a game to break competitively into, you should definitely try it.</p>
<p>Esports are here to stay and their popularity is unlikely to subside. As video gaming takes on more of the characteristics of real sports – with special stadiums for teams to gather their fans, physicians taking care of the well-being of athletes, and so on, the industry is definitely developing quickly.</p>
<p>All things considered, esports needn’t be equated to sports at all. They are their own thing and while the qualities needed to play video games are less “physical,” the skills necessary to win are hard to pick and nearly impossible to master. Esports are only going to continue growing in 2019 and beyond.</p>

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