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Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends is a real-time strategy game developed by Big Huge Games for PC and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a spin off of the popular game Rise of Nations, released in May 2003. However, instead of being a historical game based in a fantasy world where magic and technology coexist. It was released in North America on May 9, 2006 and in the rest of the world on various dates around May 26, 2006.

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends retains most of the features from Rise of Nations, such as the building of the city, borders, attrition, assimilations, non-depletable resources, and conquer the world (CTW) campaigns. However, Rise of Legends, also introduces new features of its own, such as neighborhoods, heroes, dominances, a more simplified economy (with only two resources) and neutral, siegeable units and buildings. The reality-based resource wood has been replaced by Timonium. Unlike its predecessor, which offers the player 18 civilizations to choose from, Rise of Legends has only three races. These are the technological Vinci, the magical Alin, and the alien-like Cuotl, which replaces the Wealth resource with Energy, offering a new gather strategy. Each match is completely different from the others, allowing different characteristics gameplay depending on the choice of the player. It also makes use of the AGEIA PhysX physics engine.

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Game ScreenShots

Rise of Nations Rise of Legends ScreenShot 01 Rise of Nations Rise of Legends ScreenShot 02 Rise of Nations Rise of Legends ScreenShot 03

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends System Requirements

Minimum Specs:

  • CPU: 1.4 GHz equivalent or higher processor
  • RAM: 256 MB of system RAM
  • VGA: 64 MB video card with hardware transform and lighting required
  • DX: Directx 9.0c
  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP
  • HDD: 4.5 GB available hard disk space
  • Sound: Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
  • ODD: 32x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
  • Network: 56.6 Kbps or better modem for online play
  • Recommended peripheral: Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Download Link

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends – PC

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